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Join Chapman in its ambitious goal to raise $500 million, and become a partner in influencing the trajectory of a top university, its research and the lives of its students.


Campaign Highlights

$500 Mil

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$389 Mil

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Campaign Strategies

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Complete a $500 million comprehensive giving campaign to drive Chapman’s overall success.

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Strengthen alumni, parent, and volunteer engagement across all departments and disciplines.

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Increase endowment giving with the goal of a $2 billion endowment by 2037.

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Bolster development support for all 11 Chapman schools and colleges.


Driven By

Chapman is uniquely positioned to transform lives by providing paths to social mobility, energizing health delivery in the region, and conducting breakthrough research to solve critical issues on a global scale. Our donors power the momentum of a world-class university to inspire real change that ensures the success of Chapman for generations.

Global Impact

panther pawBreakthrough Research Offers Game-Changing Potential for Global Food Security

“We can now predict 100% of food crashes and recoveries three to six months ahead of time. This is going to save lives,” says Chapman University Presidential Fellow Joshua B. Fisher

Presidential Fellow Joshua B. Fisher


The scientific advance may allow nations, the UN and humanitarian aid organizations to more efficiently direct resources to areas of drought and famine before those regions tip into full-blown crisis.


The researchers have received outreach from a number of actors who support humanitarian interventions, including the World Bank.

The model not only predicted every food crisis, but also the length and magnitude of each one.


Treatment Innovation

panther pawChapman Pharmacy Professors Lead Way in Precision Medicine

Pharmacogenomics – a part of precision medicine– uses a test that sequences a person’s genes to better customize medications for maximum impact and safety.

Three women standing by a banner that reads 'teamwork. passion."

By looking at the DNA, the researchers can see who might be a good candidate for a certain drug versus not.

Their method uses DNA tests that “contain the equivalent of millions of tests in one,” the researchers say.


Technological Breakthrough

panther pawNew Supercomputer Puts Chapman at the Cutting Edge of AI Research

The new computer system is the first community-operated supercomputer in the nation.

illustrated abstract representation of a computer chip

8 quadrillion

The new computer system is capable of performing 8 quadrillion calculations per second.


The computer cluster was donated by Nvidia Corp. to advance the goal of preparing more students from underserved communities and to help ensure that the region’s tech workforce is ready to thrive at the cutting edge of AI advances.


The project is due to Chapman’s participation in the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County, a working group that includes executives at some of the most influential high-tech companies in Orange County.


Inspiring Generations

panther pawCrean College Students Teach Medical Skills to High School Students

Physician Assistant students provide much-needed medical training to high school students earning medical certificates.



“Our students are learning, the Chapman students are practicing their teaching skills and get to share their passion and knowledge with the next generation, and our whole community benefits. I think that’s what I love most about our program is bringing our community together.”


500+ high school students participated in the training event.


60+ healthcare professionals participated in the program.


Alumni Impact

panther pawInfinite Paths to Peace

Rabia Asif ’22 earns Shinnyo-en Fellowship, which supports post-undergraduate Chapman University alumni interested in peacebuilding and service.

Rabia Asif alumna


A health sciences major with a pre-med emphasis and a minor in Spanish, Asif will work at Higher Ground for the next year as she prepares to take the MCAT in preparation for applying to medical school.


Asif is launching a literacy program at Higher Ground, an Anaheim organization whose mission is to provide mentorship and opportunity to at-risk and underserved youth.

Asif volunteered with School on Wheels, a non-profit that provides 1:1 virtual tutoring for youth displaced from homes. She also served at the Lestonnac Local Free Clinic in Old Towne Orange, which provides free medical services to community members who don’t have insurance.


Addressing Community Health

panther pawAlumna Gives Chapman Students a Leg Up as They Pursue Their Dream Careers in Health Care

In her role with Schmid College, Christine Crispen ’02 is helping all science students succeed, with a special focus on those applying to medical and other health schools.

Christine Crispen counsels a student.


The number of students identifying as first-generation in Schmid College has more than doubled from spring 2021 to 2022.


As assistant director for student success and pre-health advisor for Schmid College of Science and Technology, Crispen guides students in preparing for and applying to medical and professional health schools.

Chapman students have already benefited from the guidance of Crispen, who started working for Schmid College as a consultant during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Community Impact

panther pawChapman Alumna Champions Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Tiffany (Payton) Jameson ’96 founded the boutique consultancy firm grit & flow, which guides organizations in making inclusive practices to create environments for all, but especially those who are neurodivergent (autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, learning differences) and disabled.

tiffany payton jameson


Among those diagnosed with autism, there is an 85% unemployment rate, and an even higher rate for those without college degrees.


Jameson is one of the founders of the NDGiFTS Movement, an organization that supports and celebrates neurodiversity in the workplace.

Jameson’s autistic son, Jacob, will graduate with the class of 2023.


Partnering in Health

panther pawThe Chapman-CHOC Connection

Separated by barely a mile, Chapman University and Children’s Health of Orange County share a collaborative culture that brings the two communities even closer together.


CHOC provides Chapman students with internship opportunities and is among the top employers of Chapman graduates.

“The opportunity to improve the care of children is at the heart of everything we do. Whether in the lab, on the floor providing care or working with data, our job is to save lives,” says Louis Ehwerhemuepha (MS ’13, Ph.D. ’15), senior data scientist at CHOC.


Sustainable Campus

panther pawWater-Wise Plants and Practices Are Growing at Chapman

By the end of this academic year, conversion to drought-tolerant landscaping is expected to save almost 485,000 gallons of water.

Kainani Tacazon '24 talks with other students.

Square Feet

17,268 square feet of grass on the main campus in Orange will be converted to drought-tolerant landscaping.

485,000 Gallons

Estimated annual water savings.

The initiative has led to wider discussions on conservation of resources and advocating for communities affected by issues of environmental justice.


Academic Excellence

panther pawNobel Peace Laureate Nadia Murad Appointed as Chapman University Presidential Fellow

Survivor and human rights activist was also the keynote speaker at Commencement.

nadia murad


In 2016, Murad became the first United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the Dignity of Survivors of Human Trafficking.


Won the 2018 Nobel Peace Prize for her advocacy for survivors of genocide and sexual violence.


“I am proud to serve as a Presidential Fellow at a university that is dedicated to seeking truth and fostering thoughtful global citizens,” said Murad.


International Collaboration

panther pawCosmic Archaeology

For the first time in history, scientists unearth extraterrestrial culture on the international space station, led by Chapman University Professor Justin Walsh.



Researcher Justin Walsh is using archaeology’s methods of inquiry and analysis to reveal new understanding of human activity in space.


The researchers use daily photos to document material culture within the International Space Station.


“It’s a microsociety in a miniworld,” says Walsh.


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